Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Decorated War Veteran Hal Fritz endorses John P. Vespa for Judge

With less than three weeks to go before election day, John has been overwhelmed by the support he has received from his friends, family and the community at large. The endorsement of his campaign by Hal Fritz, a combat decorated Vietnam Veteran, has been one of his most humbling moments. Here is what Mr. Fritz had to say:

"I am very cautious about alignment with political candidates. I am genuinely convinced that John Vespa is the best qualified candidate to fill the judicial position he is seeking. Although he is not a service Veteran, he has been where "the rubber meets the road" as a police officer and pro bono legal advisor to the Veteran community! He has a thorough understanding of "people issues" and will be a fairminded judge for all citizens that come before him. He is not seeking the position for personal gain but rather to "give back to the community" It is indeed a rarity to find an individual so devoted to justice and fairness for everyone irregardless of racial,ethnic,family, or financial background! His heart is with Peoria and its people and you cannot get better than that!"

For more information about Hal Fritz and his valiant service to our nation see the MSNBC report on Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients.

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  1. You have my vote Vespa. I like that you are not a liberal democrat. I feel that you more represent the values of the average American than a Pelosi, Obama or Van Jones.


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