Sunday, August 1, 2010

This one is for Carl!

Our friend Carl was teasing us via Facebook that this blog has gone practically dormant since we established the Facebook page. He is right, of course, but that's changing. We plan on resuming a regular update of this page. Truth be told, there are quite a few advantages to the FB environment. For instance, it is much easier to upload pics to Facebook. Plus, FB's character limit forces us to get to the point - which saves time. A drawback, however, is that it is difficult to tell a story or develop a thought. The blog, on the other hand, offers an opportunity to articulate a point of view- like how we are holding up after 14 months of campaigning.

People ask us all the time if we are tired or burned out. Our answer, 95% of the time, is "not in the least bit". Call it stupid, call it adrenaline. The truth is we are energized by voters. Nearly every person has a story. They are all so different, yet so alike. It's a crazy-wonderful experience that neither myself, John, or the kids will ever forget. Most every weekend is a jam-packed itinerary for John. This past weekend was no exception. It brought him to nearly every county in the Circuit. John hates to turn people down. No matter where you live, no matter who you are, your concerns matter. He never forgets that, and he won't forget it if elected to the bench.

If you haven't yet had an opportunity to meet John, chances are you will by November. His goal is to meet every person in the 10th Judicial Circuit. To stay updated on his itinerary please send an e-mail to and request to be on the campaign updates e-mail blasts. Or you can call the campaign office at 309-251-VOTE!(8683) to invite him to your event. A busy, busy season of festivals and parades is right around the corner and we invite you to be part of it. Also, stay tuned to this blog for some exciting events that are in the works!