Saturday, January 9, 2010

An Interview with Campaign Treasurer Paul Sullivan

As campaign finance reporting deadlines draw near, we are reminded once again of how blessed we are to have such an experienced and competent Campaign Treasurer. When it came to identifying a Campaign Treasurer, fortunately, we did not have to look far. Paul Sullivan and his wife DD have been our dear friends and neighbors for over 12 years, and he willingly stepped up to the plate. Below is a brief interview with Paul.

Q. Paul can you Please tell the voters a little about yourself?

A. I was the Administrator (Business Mgr) of Quinn Johnston Henderson Pretorius & Cerulo for 22 years. I served on the ISBA Committee on Law Office Management for 15 years including Chairman in 2007-2008. I wrote a lot of articles for the Illinois Bar Journal and had a regular column called the "Lawyers Office". I also made presentations at ISBA conferences on Law Office Management and have generally been known as the expert within the ISBA on Law Office Management topics.

Q. How long have you known the candidate John Vespa?

A. We met in 1997 when the Vespa's moved right next door. John went through law school with one of the Partners at the law firm I managed. The partner filled me in on all the things to look for regarding John. In spite of the fact that I have been his next door neighbor for 12 years and know all his law school secrets, I'm still supporting him for Judge.

Q. Do you have a background in Campaign finance?

A. I have been Campaign Treasurer for many campaigns over the years and this will be my fourth judicial campaign. I have been Treasurer for Mary McDade (won), assisted Steve Kouri, (won) Paul Gilfillan (won). All winners. There is no reason to believe the winning streak will be broken this time. For all those people who are supporting John, and talking to their friends, relatives, acquaintances and colleagues, etc., be sure to tell them that John's supporters need to be sure and vote. Be sure and have people vote for John because there will be a lot of interest at the top of the ticket this year with the impending election of a new Governor and the US Senate Seat(formerly the Obama seat and currently being held by Roland Burriss)

Q. What compelled you to take on this awesome responsibility for John?

A. I think that the filing requirements and all the record-keeping is extremely detailed and important. A candidate, especially in a judicial campaign, doesn't need the headaches of questions surrounding his fundraising. First of all, I would support John in any case, but with my expertise it is one less thing that he will have to worry about.

Q. What are the responsibilities of a Campaign Treasurer?

A. Tracking the contributions, making sure that if a contribution meets a certain threshold, it is reported properly and make sure that all the filing deadlines are met, as well as keeping very accurate and detailed records. All of this I have done in the ordinary course of my career. I have a strong accounting background so this comes naturally to me.

Q. So what is it like living next door to the Vespa Family?

A. Do you really want me to answer that? John is not the problem. It's Diane. I can't get any sleep because of all the TV satellite trucks pulled up in the front yard. John is a great father and really involved with the kids. He is an all around good guy. Knowing lawyers like I do, he'll make a great judge.

End interview

On a personal note, it has been a pleasure and honor to have the Sullivan's as neighbors. They are great people. We cannot express enough our gratitude for Paul's hard work and for DD allowing us to take Paul away from their literally award-winning gardening. DD is a Master Gardner and their yard would rival the Luthy Botanical Gardens. Paul on the other hand, is a great yodeler. He can often be heard yodeling from great distances. Or that might be the bull frogs that live in his pond. It's hard to tell the difference.

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