Friday, December 25, 2009

Wishing a very blessed Christmas to all...

May the beauty and spirit of the holiday season bring you happiness and peace.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sammy our Sign Guy!

Meet Sam Joseph of Sam Joseph Specialties. He is the person responsible for all the bright blue "Vespa for Judge" signs popping up all over. If you have any complaints, call him.

Kidding aside, we very much appreciated Sam's help with the selection of the campaign signs. Not being veteran politicians, his advice to us was invaluable. Sam recommended the best sign material, colors and sizes for a winter campaign. Sam also offered to store the sign inventory and delivers as needed. He has really gone above and beyond the call of duty and is an invaluable member of our team!

A note from John:

I've known Sam Joseph for over 30 years. He is as loyal and knowledgeable a person as they come. The Joseph name is respected around Peoria, and they can be counted on to do their very best, every time. Sam has continued the family tradition with the superior service he has provided my campaign for judge.

In addition to signs, Sams sells a full complement of campaign accessories including buttons, stickers, specialty items, spirit wear and more.

Don't be tempted by cheap on-line products. With Sam Joseph you will get high quality campaign products and the expertise of an individual who has advised hundreds of successful campaigns.

Monday, December 14, 2009

John Vespa on Greg and Dan

1470 WMBD's Greg and Dan invited John to their morning talk show on December 8. You can listen to their podcast here.

John would like to thank Jessica the show's producer, WMBD, and of course Greg and Dan for being "great interviewers".

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Campaign gets "Adventurous"

Thanks to Tazewell County Board Member and talented writer John Ackerman, the "Vespa for Judge" campaign has been snagging some state-wide attention.

An avid swimmer and outdoor enthusiast, Board Member Ackerman writes a monthly political column for the popular Illinois Magazine Adventure Sports Outdoors

John Ackerman met Candidate Vespa at a Morton candidate forum, and therein lied the content for Ackerman's December political column "Judging Clarity".

An excerpt:

What has changed over the past decade is our understanding and relationship with “right and wrong” and the ever growing “gray area” we allow more and more decisions to fall into. Too many of us have become accustomed to allowing outside elements, unrelated prior incidents and activities to become part of the decision of what is right and wrong. We have become over-obsessed with understanding the criminal rather than judging the crime.

Vespa talked about the growing “gray space” and the blurring of the lines of right and wrong. He talked about how if elected he would rule from the bench based on following the law strictly, with a clear understanding and belief in right and wrong and paying the consequences for ones actions and decisions.
This got my attention. While I have reservations on the abilities of legislative bodies to govern

The article then got picked up by the statewide conservative blog, The Illinois Review.

"Adventure Sports Outdoors" ( is Free and is available throughout Illinois and in some parts of Iowa and Missouri. It's publishers, Harry and Cathy Canterbury, appear regularly on PBS and other public television stations throughout the state.

You can pick up your free copy at Midwestern Firearms in East Peoria or Gander Mountain in Peoria. You can also arrange via their website for a subscription by mail.

Our thanks to John Ackerman, The ASO Magazine and The Illinois Review for carrying John Vespa's campaign message.